Coffee Certification

Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers’ Cooperatives Union has been certified by a number of bodies. We are Organic and that is how we intend to stay. Some of the certification bodies include:

Farmers’ Empowerment

The Farmers have to know the required standards to deliver the best coffee that meets International standards. All this knowledge is acquired through empowerment drives, meetings and workshops.

Capacity Building Workshops

These are conducted to ensure that all the members of the different cooperatives are empowered for self-sustainability.

Coffee Processing

Once are green beans reach are headquarters in Addis, we put them through a rigorous 7-step sorting and preparation process  with the state of the art machinery and trained sorters.

  • Precleaning
  • Destoning & Magnetic separation
  • Pulping & Polishing
  • Sorting & Grading (screen size)
  • Gravity Separation
  • Color sorting
  • A final round of handpicked sorting with human eye.

Only the finest quality beans make the cut!

Warehousing and Storage

Our Storage System

We ensure proper storage with appropriate oxygen and moisture flow and avoid any mold or damage to our carefully selected beans.


Transporting of the coffee from the cooperatives stores to the YCFCU processing plant in Addis Ababa is done using our fleet of trucks.

Coffee Sourcing

Our Supply Chain

YCFCU has a well planned supply chain in terms of logistics. The Cooperatives union has got its own trucks that ferry the specially selected coffee from the southern regions of the Yirgacheffe area, brought to the processing plant in Addis Ababa before the coffee is packaged for export.

Local Sourcing

We source all our coffee from the Gedeo region. The Yirgacheffe brand of coffee are very unique especially via the produced flavors after processing.

Exportation of Our Coffee

After doing the final wet and dry coffee processing procedures, samples are independently drawn by the Coffee Quality Inspection Center (CQIC) to assess whether the coffee is fit for export. The CQIC undertakes raw analysis and cup tasting. Once the coffee passes all tests and fit for export, its transported to Djibouti port en-route its destiny. At this point, ownership will be transferred to the buyer.

Over 70% of the produced coffee from the different Yirgacheffe cooperatives is exported. The biggest portion of the coffee exported goes to Northern America. We also have customers in Europe and Asia

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