The Governance Structure of YCFCU

What is YCFCU's basis of Existence?

Mandate to facilitate Coffee Exportation

YCFCU is mandated to export the coffee of the member cooperatives directly without middle-men, nor taking the coffee to the central market. The basic market strategy of the union is to work with customers on a one-on-one basis there by ensuring that their supply needs or demands are being met. We also try to foster in the development of a unique marketing strategy that paves way for sustainability.

Directly Connecting the Farmer to the Customer

Since most of the countries that purchase our coffee are well informed and know the roots to the coffee’s traceability, YCFCU is continuously working to directly connect member farmers to the customer.

Free Advertisement Opportunities for the Members

Since the union is a member of the various international and continental coffee specialty unions, Farmers can gain free advertisement and awareness opportunities of their coffee to an open world out there.

Easier acquisition of Certification

Our Member Farmers can easily acquire specialty market certificates for their products as a group which would otherwise be quite not affordable on individual basis.