Project to Install a Coffee Roaster plant kicks off at the YCFCU premises.

YCFCU has always promised progress to its member cooperatives. We have stopped to simply promise. We are now acting. Until the last regime that had brought turmoil by injecting a lot of political influence in YCFCU operations, the story has changed. Actually there has been so much progress in the last couple of years, that many of the members still wonder where the motivation to the current speeds of operations come from. From a coffee processing plant, and now a coffee roasting plant.


The Coffee exports in Uganda dropped by over 30% by the close of April 2013.

The Coffee exports in Uganda slid to nearly 30% availing to 141,220 60-kg bags in April compared to the same month last year. It is more probable that this was caused by farmers' reluctance to sell their coffee after the international prices fell, the industry regulator said on Wednesday.” In comparison, a kilo of Arabica dry cherries was going for around UGX 10,000 (USD 5) in mid-March but as of now, it’s down to about UGX 7000 (USD 3)," said an official at the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.


Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperatives Union was humbled to host the US Secretary of State Tillerson as a move to appreciate the continuous cooperation that the United states as a major coffee destination for our Yirgacheffe coffee brand, has with YCFCU.

It was all smiles and laughter as Mr. Takele Mammo took Tillerson through the coffee ceremony, a very significant cultural activity that is part of an Ethiopian man, woman or child every single day.


We are glad to have our very own cooperatives' coffee processing Plant.

"This is one of the biggest things that have happened to our union in more than a century since  YCFCU was established", was the comment one of the member farmer gave on hearing the great news of acquiring our very own coffee processing plant.


Certification of our union cooperatives helps buffer escalating coffee prices fluctuations.

Lately, there has been a consistent price war on the international scene for coffee prices. These prices have continuously fluctuated, at one point soaring high, then in an instant, get a clumsy dive to record lows. This, as a union that majorly exports much of our coffee, has in various ways affected our income and in some cases, losses due to unforeseen circumstances.

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