Project to Install a Coffee Roaster plant kicks off at the YCFCU premises.

YCFCU has always promised progress to its member cooperatives. We have stopped to simply promise. We are now acting. Until the last regime that had brought turmoil by injecting a lot of political influence in YCFCU operations, the story has changed. Actually there has been so much progress in the last couple of years, that many of the members still wonder where the motivation to the current speeds of operations come from. From a coffee processing plant, and now a coffee roasting plant.


This move is to add value to our precious coffee and have it exported to many of the African markets that have always eyed the amazing Yirgacheffe coffee beans.  However, as it has always been in the past, we expect more than 70% of the roasted coffee to be consumed by our very own Ethiopian market as the demand is not yet quenched.


Therefore, in a few months from now, look out for our very own YCFCU Roasted Beans brand in a store near you.