Certification of our union cooperatives helps buffer escalating coffee prices fluctuations.

Lately, there has been a consistent price war on the international scene for coffee prices. These prices have continuously fluctuated, at one point soaring high, then in an instant, get a clumsy dive to record lows. This, as a union that majorly exports much of our coffee, has in various ways affected our income and in some cases, losses due to unforeseen circumstances.


This is were certifications of the different member cooperatives has played a very big role in the buffering of the price escalations. Getting certified comes with a huge price - the fees, the minimum standards to meet, the procedures to follow and all the nitty-gritty in the requirements may at times be weary but this at the end of it helps a lot in gaining international presence.

These days, the demand for being organic is growing aide all over. Every potential buyer prefers organic. Being certified confirms your quality and standards to "Organic".


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