YCFCU's Red Cherry Bean


The Member Cooperatives recognize the positive effects and impact that YCFCU Has had on their Livelihoods.

Overall, the cooperatives, and the newly created competition between cooperatives and private traders, have led to the increase in prices paid to the producers. Cooperatives recognize the positive effects the union has impacted for example, in the past,

when a cooperative was unable to buy coffee due to lack of their working capital and short on cash, the prices offered by private traders would drop immediately. However, now that these cooperatives are members of the union, it now helps them to access loans and continue on purchasing.

This rise in price has helped poorer farmers, who often needed immediate cash and had to sell off fresh crops before they were even dry simply because they were cash short. Actually, with the current boost, Cooperatives with Fair-trade certifications have enjoyed the highest dividends.


Fair trade certified cooperatives have conducted social development projects

The Union has played a very crucial role registering all cooperatives under Fair trade Certification Program for group certification. All Fair trade certified cooperatives are conducting social development projects which comes with funds support under the fair trade premium fund. The achieved projects under this includes among others; bridge construction, additional school class construction and improvements to the electricity transmission infrastructure. This indicates that cooperatives contribute to local development due to their fair trade certified products. Therefore, the export volume of fair trade coffee has also increased and has helped buffer fair-trade coffee farmers from international price fluctuations. However, fair trade sales are still limited, and thus the benefits to farmers have been relatively small and diluted although its still expected that increased fair trade sales could provide more income to farmers.

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