Why would you choose us? 

Simply put, YCFCU is unique! We are well placed to maintain consistency and sustainability. Yiragacheffe Cooperatives union is traceable and NOT a briefcase company. We are honest and transparent. When all this is pulled together, definitely there is non out there that can compare to us.

Why our Coffee is Unique

Ethiopian Coffee is among the world's most unusual, offering a range of flavors from wine tastes to fruit flavours. Ethiopian Yirgacheffee is soft, with floral tones and is one of the best choices for iced coffee.

Coffee and Culture

Coffee holds a special place in the Ethiopian culture. It totally differs from other coffee producing countries which simply take it for a cash crop. With us, the biggest portion of the crop does not.

Amazing Taste of Flavors

Our Coffee presents itself among the world's most unusual, with unique flavors of fruits, and tastes of wines and other pleasant aromas.

Still with our traditional Ethiopian coffee cultivation practice.

The traditional Ethiopian coffee cultivation practices are still dominant among the Yirgacheffe farmers. Coffee trees are managed by hand and fertilized with organic matter. Pests are controlled by Biological, Natural methods, period! Just like the long history of coffee production in the Gedeo area, our Framers follow traditional cultivation practices rather than using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. This helps us bring you the best Ethiopian Organic Coffee straight from our Gardens to your cup!

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